10,000 followers in 10 minutes: Warren Buffett joins Twitter

Published 03 May 2013 03:40, Updated 06 May 2013 11:44

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10,000 followers in 10 minutes: Warren Buffett joins Twitter

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett uses a tablet to tweet during a sit-down interview on the topic of “Women and Work”, with Fortune’s Pattie Sellers. Photo: AP

Warren Buffett is an avowed avoider of high technology, but even the world's most famous investor cannot dodge Twitter.

The 82-year-old "Oracle of Omaha" joined the service and sent his first tweet on Thursday.

"Warren is in the house," Mr Buffett said under the handle @WarrenBuffett – which garnered more than 10,000 followers in the first 10 minutes.

Mr Buffett's digital debut came during a live webcast hosted by Fortune magazine, which earlier on Thursday published an essay by the Berkshire Hathaway CEO calling on men to help boost women in the workplace.

Women key to US prosperity

In the Forbes editorial, Mr Buffett said he is optimistic about America’s economic future because the nation has begun to unleash the potential of women.

He said that most of America’s prosperity was created using only about 50 per cent of its talent – the men. So he’s confident the country will prosper as more women excel in the workforce.

Warren Buffett’s first tweet and the 109,000 followers he garnered in 2 hours.

“For most of our history, women – whatever their abilities – have been relegated to the sidelines,” Mr Buffett writes. “Only in recent years have we begun to correct that problem.”

Mr Buffett says his two sisters were encouraged to set their sights on “marrying well” as a career goal even though they are just as bright as the billionaire investor.

Mr Buffett says he saw his friend, Katharine Graham, continue to doubt herself as she led the Washington Post Co. She’d been told throughout her life that men were better at business.

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