Not just glasses; Google patents smartwatch design

Published 03 May 2013 10:29, Updated 09 May 2013 00:45

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Not just glasses; Google patents smartwatch design

A concept design of a Google Smartwatch...the search giant has plans for the device following the publishing of its patents. Photo: Adrian Maciburko

Google Glass isn’t the only wearable gadget rolling off the search giant’s factory belt it appears a smartwatch is also in the works.

According to documents filed to the US Patent & Trademark Office Application and published overnight, Google filed a patent for a smartwatch with a wireless receiver and dual touchpad in 2011.

The battery operated device would feature wristbands that double up as touchpads, a watchface and a bezel surrounding the base.

Google, Microsoft, Apple and Samsung are all reportedly working on a smart watches, with Samsung the only vendor that to have confirmed it is in the works.

Sony has had a smartwatch on the market on sale for a year but it has failed to crack the market with mass appeal.

This story first appeared on The Australian Financial Review.