Australia’s best employers

Published 23 June 2010 14:54, Updated 28 October 2011 07:03

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Everybody wants to work somewhere great and most of us know what this employment heaven may be like: flexible hours to get the job done, opportunities for training and advancement, managers who communicate and listen to staff and colleagues that are picked in the first place because they, too, appreciate a supportive culture.

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Global companies, information technology and small businesses with a knack for inclusivity have again topped the list as employers go head to head to compete for the best and most productive staff.

Here are the top five companies on the list:

1) NetApp Data storage and management, information technoloogy.
2) Diageo Australia Sydney-based international beverages group.
3) OBS Melbourne-based IT consultancy.
4) Google Australia Search engine and software company.
5) Sentis Education group based in Brisbane.

All 50 companies on the list were voted by their staff as great places to work but the services and support they offer staff varies greatly. There are Xbox rooms for gen-Xers, pilates and yoga in work hours so that working mums can stay trim without eating into family time. There are soothing relaxation areas for stress-heads such as the market traders. For the seriously ambitious there are opportunities to study or to network overseas. There are people working in small law partnerships who treasure their more intimate work environments over highly prestigious drudgery at the big firms.

However they made it onto the list, all 50 companies are about to be inundated with applications from keen would-be employees, which is not such a bad thing especially in industries where talent shortages are widespread and systemic.

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