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Own a man-made island for $6.5m

Published 26 June 2012 07:28, Updated 27 June 2012 12:42

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Own a man-made island for $6.5m

Artists impression of the Orsos Island, which costs €5.2 million but isn’t due to set sale for as much as two years. Source: Orsos Islands

A Hungarian entrepreneur is attempting to entice the world’s wealthy to part with €5.2 million to buy man-made islands, with some interest reputedly coming from Australia.

The boats, dubbed Orsos Islands after their creator Gabor Orsos, measure 20 metres by 37 metres and sleep up to 12 people in 1000 square metres of luxurious living space.

But don’t expect them to get you to your favourite Caribbean location under their own steam. Orsos Islands don’t come with engines and need to be towed to the anchorage of their owners’ choice.

Also, they don’t actually exist yet and manufacturing of the first islands isn’t expected to be completed in land-locked Slovakia for 18-24 months.

“The interest has been massive from all over the world, from Australia, China and the United States,” Orsos told news service AFP. “We have already had the first pre-orders and we have some potential buyers coming from Australia next week.”

Orsos’ website describes Orsos Islands as “an easy going, relaxed and personal holiday experience that combines all the positive aspects of mainland real estate and luxury yachts”.